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Itay Ben Eliezer photo


Born in New York. Grew up in Manhattan, Tel Aviv and New Jersey.


A bachelor's degree in Philosophy. A masters degree in Sociology. Here's to Plato and Bourdieu.

Literary work.

My novel "About Jonathan" was published in 2007, winning the newcomer award, awarded by Israel's Ministry of Culture, Science and Sport. Check it out here.


Married. Kids. A dog. No white picket fence.


Collecting vinyl records. Making pasta from scratch. Meditating to John Coltrane. Photography when time permits.

The craft.

Over the past 16 years, I have polished my craft as a content creator, storyteller, screenwriter, content strategist and occasional online lecturer - working alongside organizations such as Strauss Group, Tel Aviv University, The Peres Center for Peace, Yeda, Prodware and many others

Photo: Alan Chapelski

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