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What makes video such an effective medium? Powerful images, evocative music, great narration and...a tight script that's bursting with creativity.


Kmobateva's unique technology allows pool owners to enjoy a revolutionary, 100% chemical-free pool experience. Water that's so pure, swimmers can actually drink it. Apart from screenwriting, I also work with Kmobateva on a plethora of marketing materials intended for international markets.


Tosaf is a global plastic additive powerhouse. I was fortunate to work with the company's marketing team on this corporate film, writing a script that highlights Tosaf's values and market differentiation.

Tulip Winery

When film director Adi Harel called me, asking if I would write a script for a film for an inspiring winery that employs people with special needs, I jumped at the opportunity. And when he mentioned that the film would feature NBA legend Amar'e Stoudemire, I double somersaulted. This is the result.

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