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Life is a game of balance. Yin requires yang. A race car needs brakes. And the internet yearns for quality content. High-quality website messaging generates brand differentiation, breaks conventions, and engages audiences.



What happens when a global kitchen & home surface leader decides to dedicate an entire website to the needs of architects and designers? The answer is Caesarstone Studio.

Writing copy for this exciting initiative felt like crafting a fine stone statue alongside a team of seasoned marketing experts. Together, we created a new chapter in the story of a super-strong brand. An unforgettable experience.


Food is the ultimate creative outlet, but the people at Gruda take it to a whole new level. Their food development lab conjures up some of the most amazing foods. You've got to taste it to believe it.

When it comes to developing food solutions, Gruda is expanding the boundaries. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that their approach to website copy was just as audacious. Write your own recipe and cook it to perfection, they said. And I did!



As a music lover, I jumped at the opportunity to write content for an innovative speaker brand.


As it turns out, bigger isn't always better, and nothing exemplifies this in clearer fashion than Pizzi, a tiny speaker with amazing sound. Pizzi is a youthful, fresh, and exciting brand, and I was very excited to craft some of the website's key messages.

Abra Web & Mobile

Abra Web & Mobile (formerly Herolo) is a software company that can do wonders with technology. Yet its biggest asset is its people.


The messaging on Abra Web & Mobile is customized to fit its highly playful and inventive design. But most of all, the copy aims to capture the bighearted atmosphere created by the company's leadership and professional teams.


Pixart is a web-product development studio. They are one of those rare studios with a truly distinct style that can be spotted from a mile away.


I worked with Nizan, the owner of Pixart, to create content for the studio's new website. Our goal was to define and portray Pixart's unique DNA. We quickly realized that Pixart's key strength is creating mind-blowing products. They can do this because they are insanely creative - and also very organized and methodical. They are also very good at creating empowering partnerships.


Globaleyes is a cross-cultural training and consulting company that helps global organizations achieve higher impact by communicating better across different cultures worldwide.


Globaleyes has been honing its craft for over 25 years. So when founders Margot and Yair decided to build a new website, they were also determined to upgrade their English copy to a tone that matches their innovative, professional and humane approach.


The result is a website filled with messages that are accessible, warm, and highly relatable. Just like the people at Globaleyes.


SDA are farmers turned innovators. Since 1987, they have been growing natural ingredients and creating food products that are tailored to specific customer requirements.

Working with a great marketing team, our goal was to bring SDA's unique blend of capabilities to digital life. The company's new website showcases the company's "everything is possible" mindset, and is peppered with impactful messaging that support its global success.


Forsea is a foodtech company that set out to reduce overfishing and protect essential oceanic ecosystems. 


By developing a highly cost-effective and extremely scalable seafood meat cultivation technology, Forsea is taking seafood on an exciting new trajectory. The ripple effect caused by the company's technology will benefit not only seafood consumers, but also fish traders, the food industry and planet earth.


The Forsea team is an idealist bunch. Working with them on the website copy, tagline and tons of other content was an absolute pleasure - and we're just getting started! 

IBE slogan B7.png


Renbizz are out to change the world of retail. Through rentals. While the idea isn't new, Renbizz's platform and holistic approach are, making it much easier for retailers to embrace rental models with open arms.

Working with Anat and Irad from Renbizz was really insightful. They are market-savvy professionals with tons of knowledge about everything from marketing to finance to style trends. They wanted their business to stand out and deliver a bold statement - and it does. 

EVR Motors

Everyone knows the electric vehicle revolution is coming. It's just a matter of time. Yet car manufacturers still have many challenges to overcome. The EV motor is one of them. 

EVR Motors is one of those start-ups that the world really needs. Why? Because their unique electric motor solves a lot (a lot!) of problems that car manufacturers need solving. Naturally, it was a thrill working with these guys on copy that included words like 'topology', 'stator' and 'torque'. 

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